What is a Vape Pen for Marijuana?

What is a Vape Pen for Marijuana?

There are many different ways in which you can consume marijuana these days. While in the past you were effectively confined to either smoking it or eating it, now there are numerous other popular options, such as dabbing and vaping, as well as topical options and CBD oil.

Many people are now looking into trying out cannabis as they have heard about the many great benefits it can have for health. There are many medical conditions which can be helped as a result of the regular consumption of marijuana; medical professionals across the world are now embracing it as a credible treatment option.

A lot of people don’t like the idea of smoking marijuana and they prefer to use a different method. Vaping has been around for a number of years and it has now become a popular option for a lot of people who do not want to smoke.

The adoption of vaping has led to a significant number of cigarette smokers quitting and turning to the vaping alternative. This process eliminates a lot of the additives that are in cigarettes. While long-term studies have not been conducted on the safety of vaping, it seems to eliminate certain risk factors that are inherent with smoking, mainly removing the carcinogenic properties that come from burning and inhaling the cigarette additives.

This can lead to conditions such as bronchitis and worse, with long-term heavy smoking being associated with all sorts of deadly diseases. This is why people are turning to vaping both for their nicotine hit as well as their cannabis consumption.

How can cannabis be vaped?

A lot of people might not be aware that you are able to vape cannabis and still obtain the same benefits as other consumption methods. Traditionally, vaping has been thought of as an alternative that people can use for smoking tobacco.

When it comes nicotine vaping, it usually involves the vaporization of different juices. These are liquids made up of nicotine, vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol and different flavorings. Sometimes, distilled water is added to this mix. However, when it comes to the vaping of cannabis, there are a couple of different methods for doing so.

It can involve the vaporization of some type of liquid that substitutes the nicotine out for the likes of THC or CBD. Otherwise, it will involve wax or solids. There are different tools and resources needed, depending on what method you are going for.

What are vape pens?

Perhaps the most popular type of vaporizer that is used for the vaping of cannabis is that of the vape pen. While it does need to be charged on a regular basis, they are very portable and some of them can even be disposed of after a certain amount of uses.

Some prototypes are even able to allow you to vaporize flowers and concentrates (such as waxes and oils). This gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to your options for vaping cannabis.

There are a few different main types of vape pens that are popular today.

Cartridge pens

There are affordable options that require little to no maintenance and are completely streamlined. You will be able to use them alongside universal cartridges that have already been filled with hash oil.

These are cartridges that are usually made of glass, metal or plastic and can be discarded as soon as they have been emptied. All you need to do in order to attach the battery is to screw it onto one of the cartridges in what looks like a traditional pen design.

Concentrate pens

These work in the same way as the cartridge pens, and they also look similar, the main difference being that you are required to fill up the chamber/tank with the extracts. If you deal with very thick concentrates, usually you will need to utilize some juice alongside it in order to have it properly thinned out. There are a lot more removable parts with concentrate pens. The atomizer coils that are part of this pen do tend to get clogged and break frequently.

Herb vaporizers

These types of vaping pens only vaporize dry flowers. These are normally bigger in size than the other types of pens and are usually more costly than the alternatives.
Are there different effects experienced when you are vaping cannabis?

This is one of the most common questions people asked when they are looking into the use of vaping for consuming cannabis. They want to know if they will be able to get the same benefits from it when they vape it compared to when they smoke it.

The effects resulting from vaping will depend on what sort of variant you are dealing with, as well as what temperature you will be using when vaping. If you are using higher temperatures, then you generally will experience highs that are a bit more energetic, whereas when the temperatures are kept low, you will experience the opposite effect, ideal for calming you down after a stressful day.

Some people prefer to deal with hemp juices when it comes to vaping, as they are lighter than most of the alternatives. It is a good idea to get the expertise of the person who is selling you your equipment/supplies as they tend to have a lot of experience when it comes to vaping cannabis.

Certain juices will have more potency in a single drop than others have in half a bottle, so you need to ensure that you properly conduct your buying process and know what you are going to be dealing with.

One thing you do need to be careful of is when you are travelling between different jurisdictions with your vaping pen. There may be different laws in place and it can just be enough for people to smell the cannabis scent. There are some ways in which people try to mask these smells by using additional flavors, but the smell of cannabis is a strong one and not easily disguised.

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