Will I Get High the First Time I Smoke Weed?

When it comes to smoking weed for the first time, there are many different thoughts and feelings that will be going through your mind. First off, you are contemplating doing something for the first time and you are unsure as to how exactly your body will be affected by this new stimulus.

Some people will have a great experience the first time that they smoke weed, while others will have an indifferent or a disappointing experience. This all depends on the person at hand and the environment in which they are in.

There are steps that can be taken to ensure that the first time you smoke weed that you are making the experience as cool and relaxing as you possibly can.
Not everyone is going to get high the first time that they smoke up, but the majority will. It is probably more common for people to get too high when they first smoke weed than to experience absolutely no feeling whatsoever, but it is also quite common to feel a lack of effects.

Some people will have a bad first time experience and never go back again to try smoking weed, even though it could hold a lot of benefits for them.
Here are some ways to ensure that you will experience a high the first time that you smoke weed while still minimising the chance that they will have a bad experience.

Not everyone will get high

Many people who have never smoked weed before have all different types of ideas in their head as to how the high feeling is going to be expressed in themselves. Most of the time, this forecast is not accurate.
A lot of inexperienced people will not inhale properly, or they might be too nervous and subsequently do not relax enough to get high the first time. However, this doesn’t mean that you will never experience a high from smoking weed, it just means that you need to try it again while tweaking certain variables.

Advice for those who want to get high the first time that they smoke weed

One of the main reasons that a person might not get the first time that they smoke weed is because they do not inhale properly. You will know straight away if you have inhaled properly or not, because the effects will be almost instant for a first time weed smoker.
You will likely feel a wave of relaxation or euphoria moving across your body and mind; you will experience a rush of different emotions that will not have been triggered by random chance at that particular moment in time.

Make sure when you are smoking that you inhale deeply, allowing the smoke to enter your lungs, and you will be certain to enter into that high feeling.

Another key part of this equation is the type of weed that is being smoked. There are hundreds and thousands of different strains of cannabis and they all suit different people depending on their wants and needs.

Some of these strains have higher concentrations of CBD, which is the compound that is non-psychoactive and is seen to hold a lot of health benefits. Then there are those that are higher in THC, which is the main psychoactive compound in cannabis.
While you probably won’t want to go for a high-THC strain straight off the bat, you should probably go with a medium quantity of THC, rather than one with barely any THC at all, as the high feeling will only be produced with a higher THC content.

The same goes for the method of consumption. You should start out with a simple joint rather than using any type of bong device, as these can overwhelm you and often can be hard to control the doses you are consuming.

Using the likes of edibles the first time you consume cannabis is not really a good idea as it takes much longer for the THC to hit your system and it is very easy to accidentally take too high of a dose, which will inevitably lead to you feeling paranoid and anxious.

If you have no choice and are going to be using edibles the first time you are trying to get high, then make sure that you start off with extremely small doses.
Make sure that you are in an environment that is safe and is somewhere that you won’t be put in a bad situation which could lead to a bad high. You should be with people you trust and who are regular users of cannabis that can guide you through the process step by step.
You should have plenty of water around to keep you hydrated, as well as having an assortment of snacks in anticipation of the inevitable munchies that will set in when you get high.
You should plan carefully to ensure that you have nothing important to do or anywhere to go after getting high. Driving while under the influence is illegal and you should ensure that you do not compromise yourself in any way. If you are supposed to be meeting someone, you shouldn’t do so when high, as you never know what will happen or what you may accidentally say.
Have a clear schedule and be prepared to be sitting on the couch for an extended period of time.

The last thing you want to happen is to place yourself in a position where you are uncomfortable, leading to paranoia because you feel vulnerable.
Start slow and make sure you are surrounded by people you trust. If you do not have any people that fit this description, then you might have to do it yourself. If this is the case, start out very small with your doses.
A useful tip for those smoking weed for the first time is to have a chat with your local dispensary and get their advice as to what specific strain is suitable for first-time users.
The people who work at these dispensaries are usually very helpful and knowledgeable when it comes to this field, and they will have helped countless people reach their first high as a result of their advice. These people are usually experienced and know what they are talking about.


Your first time smoking weed is usually an experience you will never forget, for better or for worse. Most people have a good experience and will get that high feeling which is so often talked about. Others may feel nothing, while some might go overboard,push themselves too far, and feel a bit sick.
There are a number of variables that you can look after to ensure that you get adequately high and that you remain comfortable in your surroundings throughout the experience.
Preparation is the key, and you will not go far wrong if you have a discussion with someone you trust and that is experienced when it comes to this matter. They will be able to put your mind at ease and ensure that you are armed with the knowledge needed to enjoy this experience as much as possible.

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