What is a Vaporizer for Marijuana - and How Does it Work?

What is a Vaporizer for Marijuana – and How Does it Work?

One of the biggest trends that has emerged in the past few years has been the act of vaping. This first became a common alternative for those smoking cigarettes, as it allowed them to get the benefits of nicotine consumption without having to deal with a lot of the additives found in cigarettes. It then was adopted by marijuana users as they realized that it would not have a negative impact on the high that was experienced if they consumed cannabis through a vaporizer.

There are many different ways in which you are able to consume marijuana, and vaping is becoming one of the most popular methods. While there have not been long-term studies conducted on the effects that vaping can have on the body over time, it is believed that it is one of the healthier options. This is down to the belief by researchers that the vaporization process for cannabis gets rid of the many harmful by products that are associated with smoking cigarettes.

When you smoke cannabis, there are toxins created, some of which are carcinogens that can negatively affect your respiratory system. Through the process of vaping, the marijuana is heated at a significantly lower temperature, allowing the terpenes and cannabinoids to be released as a vapor without having to deal with any of the nasty by-products. There are different ways in which vaporizers can be used when consuming cannabis.

What is involved in the process of vaping?

A lot of people will have seen others using vaporizers before, but may be a bit mystified as to how exactly they work. Vaporizers are utilized in order to release certain active ingredients found in the plant matter of cannabis plants, translating them into a vapor.

Cannabinoids start vaporizing when they hit 284 degrees Celsius, and combustion occurs around the 446 degrees mark. Heat will be applied somewhere between these two different temperatures, with some devices allowing the person to control the exact temperature, therefore giving them the control over how many cannabinoids and terpenes are released.

There are some vaporizers which utilize conduction, and this is done through the placement of dried extracts or flowers straight onto the electric surface which has been heated – usually it is a metal screen. This area will then be heated to an ideal temperature for vaping thanks to the heat coming from the chamber, turning the terpenes and cannabinoids into vapor.

For devices which utilize convective heating, there will be no contact between the heating element and the cannabis. As soon as the air is at the perfect temperature, then it will be moved utilizing either inhalation or a fan. This will then lead to the concentrate or the flower being heated and causing the terpenes and cannabinoids to be converted into a vapor. There will be no charring of the respective substance. Usually, these devices are made out of ceramic, but some of them will be made out of stainless steel.

How to know what types of vaporizers are best suited for your needs

When it comes to vaporizers, you are going to be dealing with a wide range of different sizes and shapes. The bigger types of vaporizers are not going to be very mobile and usually will deliver the vapor either through a bag-style mouthpiece or through a whip-style mouthpiece. The whip is a term used to describe the tubing between the mouthpiece and the vaporizer; bags are when a plastic bag is attached onto the device’s heating chamber. As soon as it has been activated, you will see vapor fill up the balloon as a result of the built-in fan.

If you want a vaporizer that is portable and flexible, there are many different options, called pens. Some will be specifically created to be used with ground flower, while others will utilize essential oils. Since vaping has become so popular in recent years, countless online and physical stores have been created to cater for your vaping needs.

Of course, when it comes to vaping and marijuana, a lot of it depends on where you are located and what the laws are there concerning marijuana. If it is recreational in your area, then you will likely have access to a massive variety of vaping products and strains that you can experiment with depending on your specific preferences. There are also various guides and reviews that you can check out to see what products back up their talk.

Other benefits of using a vaporizer when consuming cannabis

Apart from the obvious benefits that are associated with not smoking, there are also some other positives that people associate with using a vaporizer. Often times, people will feel a lot better using a vaporizer and they feel like they get a cleaner high, without having to deal with some of the anxiety that might come with smoking.

It is also a much more discreet way of consuming your cannabis. Joints are very noticeable and the smell tends to waft through the air a lot more than vapor. While it is still going to smell like cannabis, it will be a lot less noticeable due to the lack of a smoke cloud or extended fuss. This is especially the case when you are using a wax or oil cannabis product.

You can also try out all different types of flavors as opposed to when you smoke it. While this may not be a concern for most people, there are those who much prefer the taste and smell that is emitted through the vapor.

Often, vaping is a more cost effective method than smoking cannabis. You only need to buy your vaporizer once and then you don’t need all sorts of materials like skins and so on every time you want to get high. You also tend to get more out of vaping cannabis than when you smoke it. Finally, it is a lot more straightforward than smoking, as you simply need to fill up with your cannabis product and you are ready to go.

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