What is Being High and What Does it Feel Like?

What is Being High and What Does it Feel Like?

In recent years, marijuana has become more and more accepted in the mainstream. There have been many great uses shown when it comes to using it for the treatment of different types of medical conditions.

There has also been a massive change in the perception of people who consume marijuana on a regular basis, whether it is for medical or recreational purposes. Many countries across the world have legalized medical marijuana, and some places have even fully legalized recreational consumption.

With a lot of the taboo being thrown aside, more and more people are exploring the consumption of marijuana, and they are looking to try it out for the first time. This inevitably leads to a lot of different questions that they may have. One of the main questions that beginners to marijuana tend to have relates to what it means to be high, and what it feels like.

What does cannabis consumption feel like?

One of the substances that most people will have some experience of is alcohol. This has effects on a person which change some aspect of their current state of mind. However, the effects noticed between cannabis consumption and alcohol consumption are very different.

Alcohol generally works in a similar manner, no matter who is consuming it – the effects are largely going to be the same. With cannabis consumption, the effects range widely depending on the specific person. Some people will be afflicted with fits of laughter, whereas others may feel a bit anxious or sleepy.

Most of the people who consume cannabis on a regular basis experience a feeling of relaxation, calm and pleasantness. There are numerous different, but common, effects that are seen with cannabis consumption, such as forgetfulness, improved sensory awareness, drowsiness, more mental energy, euphoria, a carefree attitude, a relaxed body, skewed perception of time and spacing out.

There are, of course, some people who try cannabis and do not enjoy these types of effects, and they turn away from using it again. Especially for those who are trying cannabis for the first time, the effects can be particularly powerful.

Over time, people who are regularly consuming cannabis are going to build up somewhat of a tolerance, meaning that the effects are not going to be as strong at the same doses as they would have been in the beginning. The tolerance is usually built up to the main psychoactive compound in cannabis, which is called THC. This means that these types of people can consume cannabis and not experience changes in their cognition which are negative or inconvenient.

Different types of effects

One of the big drivers of what type of experience someone is going to have when they consume cannabis depends on what method of consumption they use. The popular options for consumption that lead to the THC having the quickest effect (usually within 15 minutes) are the likes of dabbing, vaping and smoking. Generally, you will be high for between two and three hours when you consume it this way.

If you consume cannabis via an oral method such as through an edible, it may take as long as two hours for the effects to kick in. This is often why people tend to make the mistake of having too much cannabis orally, because they don’t feel the effects within the first fifteen minutes and decide to take more without realising that it takes longer for it to kick in.

Usually, you will be looking at a high that lasts between four and six hours when you consume an edible form of cannabis. The reason why the effects are quicker when it is inhaled is because it makes it a lot easier for the cannabinoids in the plant to be brought to the brain.

Edibles lead to a lot stronger effects, and the experience will thus be much more intense. Usually, these experiences are more focused on the body, which is why this is a useful option if you are looking for some form of pain relief.

Different types of marijuana strains

If you are ever in a marijuana dispensary, you will be faced with dozens and sometimes even hundreds of different strains of cannabis. Usually, these are going to be split into three different classifications: indicas, sativas and hybrids.

These types of cannabis strains are going to lead to different effects that the consumer is going to experience. Hybrids of course mix the two together, and lead to many different effects across the spectrum. Choosing the right strain will help you control the effects a lot better than if you consume any type of cannabis without doing your research.

Indica strains are usually known for having more of a sedative effect that is focused on the body. Its consumption leads to intense relaxation, and people will often be heavy-lidded. It can often lead to a mental state that is a bit foggy and make you feel sleepy, which is why you should use these strains predominantly before you go to sleep.

Sativa strains will usually have effects that are more uplifting and energy-giving. They usually lead to a blissful feeling, giving the consumer an energy boost that is equivalent to consuming a mug of coffee. This is why people often prefer to take these strains in the morning so they can benefit from the uplifting effects.

These sativa strains are usually more focused on the head, and are often ideal when it comes to social occasions. Some people will experience anxiety when they consume these strains in high dosages, and they generally will not give you the deep level of relaxation experienced with indica strains.

Some people don’t really like the psychoactive properties of cannabis, which is why they prefer high CBD strains. CBD is the non-psychoactive compound that is attributed to many of the health benefits that cannabis can offer. It is ideal for the likes of pain relief without having to deal with the high and the subsequent effects.

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